Welcome to Snooty Hooty's

"An Alternative Shopping Experience"

Welcome to our concept boutique... offering the finest of recycled and new, 
unique and interesting "Goods"... with a surly, eclectic and edgy mix...

Snooty Hooty's "Yellow Submarine"

Volume IV - "Opened Summer 2017"
Brick Marketplace, Newport, Rhode Island

"Living the Dream"
one of the most unique boutiques in existence... developed with timeless elegance and legendary style. Shopping redefined! Buy, Sell and Trade guaranteed to delight. Come in and "indulge" you will be spoiled for choice! 

Snooty Hooty's "Land of Oz"

Volume III - "Opened 2014 to present"
430 Colorado Avenue, Stuart, Florida

Featuring "Strange Cargo"
with a prior life that echoes Taste, Class and Sophistication. A "Shoportunity" and ultimate escape for everyone! Resolutely opposed to uniformity...
Previous Locations

SNOOTY HOOTY's "Magical mystery TOUR"

Volume II - 2001 - 2014 Jupiter, Florida
Here we cultivated a cozy atmosphere... couches and reading areas with a wine bar offering a spot for "Fashionable Feet" with a typical objective achieved!

SNOOTY HOOTY's "Magic carpet ride"

Volume I - 2007 - 2010, Jupiter, Florida
This boutique adopted the buy, trade, sell concept. Discontinued consignment after the first year! "The Heppest of the Hep"...